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Unique worldwide service for the risk assessment on Ship to Ship transfer operations

eMission Monitoring

MRV compliant monitoring service for ship fuel consumptions and emissions

Online Training

Dedicated online training platform for mariners and shore personnel

Consultancy services

Customized and highly advanced marine consultancy services with 24/7 support


A wide range of Spesialized Maritime Training Courses


A wide range of technical and operational services for ongoing support to shipping companies


Consultancy and software development

DYNAMARINe provides high quality consultancy services to the maritime community. The company has strong development over the years and has been established in the industry for showing strong dedication and state-of-the-art deliverables. With long experience in many sectors of shipping business continuously seeks specialized, innovative and challenging projects..

DYNAMARINe offers 24/7 support, holistic approach and tailored made solutions, turn key solutions and dedicated software development and finally customized training to shore and off shore personnel.

What we can offer

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Enhanced risk assessment for STS operations

Due diligence prior commencement of any STS operations is of crucial importance. We offer a complete risk assessment report for any type of STS in 30 minutes maximum time, for the clearance purpose.


On board STS status

Our qualified personnel performs on board crew training and familiarization with any new regulations and provides a detailed certification.



We can offer customized drills and help your master and crew be always prepared for any situation.


OSIS database

Online STS Information System is a globally unique database with performance records for STS stakeholders.


Vessel Monitoring

Advanced monitoring tools for vessel energy performance and atmospheric emissions.


Expertise advice

Our highly qualified personnel is trained to offer ultimate support to all our services.

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4th of June, 2019

New Developments, Quality Standards and Best Practices on Ship-to-Ship Operations.

IFSTS 2018
7th of March, 2018

New Developments, Quality Standards and Best Practices on Ship-to-Ship Operations. The Tanker Operators' Perspective.

IFSTS 2017
13th of September, 2017

Quality Criteria on STS Service Providers. The tanker owners' perspective.