The challenge behind DYNAMOORe

MEG 4 guidelines introduced requirements for a Mooring System Management Plan Register as well as for a risk-based approach on handling maintenance and retirement criteria for mooring lines. Ship operators are challenged not only to handle the operational information on mooring lines use while the vessel is at dock or during STS operations, but also to assess the handling of mooring lines from past data included at the fleet register. DYNAMARINe approaches this challenge with a pioneering service which includes the development of the MSMP manual along with a dynamic monitoring of mooring line performance through a performance database (DYNAMOORe).

Who are the participants of DYNAMOORe

  • Technical Operators
  • Rope Manufactures

The advantages of the system

The database will accept input from the vessel by use of automatic forms (either in XL or HTML). The forms will include the following process:

  1. Register of vessel existing and new mooring gear
  2. Short reporting in case of failure or line replacement

The output from the database will be the following:

  1. Recordkeeping on use of Mooring lines
  2. Statistics between fleet vessels or same or equivalent mooring lines
  3. Benchmarking on Maintenance/ use/ failure of equivalent mooring lines in relation to
  4. Input from rope manufacturers (subject to participation)

DYNAMARINe considers that vessel operators should focus on the process associated with the registry of mooring line performance and condition assessment criteria. We believe that by providing a powerful monitoring tool to vessel operators, they will gain a good control on the performance of their mooring systems on board vessel that will assist them in extending their life period through proper management.