Shipping Task Manager

Shipping Task Manager

The Shipping Task Manager, is a dedicated web platform for organizing and keeping track of all the tasks related to a shipping company. It has been developed and design to fit the exact needs of a shipping company. There is an hierarchy followed for allowing specific access to users, based on their position and duties.Overall, the whole system's structure is built according the to needs of a shipping company and also customized reporting tools are offered.


In brief the platform will offer a unified tool to monitor all the tasks and their status on a real time basis. KPIs and statistics will be easily extracted by the system for management review purposes. The system will assist the shore personnel in reducing the office workload and improve the transparency and efficiency of the office.

The deliverable

In brief the system offers:

  • Easy task creation and assignment to specific personnel;
  • Creation of company's departmental structure in the system, so that the system can mimic the each company's hierarchy;
  • Project categorization and assignment of urgency status;
  • Calendar or tabular view of tasks completed or pending;
  • Analysis section, where KPIs are created per department, employee or vessel.