e-learning Platform

E-learning Course, applies for shore or ship personnel and enlightens all the tricky and risky areas of the subject course. The courses provide in general valuable information related to due diligence issues and best practices that will assist all participants in mitigating the encountered risks, while protecting their ship owner’s interests. These training courses can be offered either on-board (from a dedicated mini server we provide) or from anywhere with an internet access.

Who may attend

The course is addressed to the following professionals:

  • Deck Officers;
  • Ratings;
  • Ship Operators;
  • Safety and quality operators.


The course is provided online via a specialized training platform. Participants may enrol and receive training via the online platform. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of attendance from DYNAMARINe ACADEMY, as certified by ABS.

  • The duration of the e-learngin course, depends on the subject of the course and the difficulty of it.
  • There are always final examination quizzes, that need to be successfully passed in order to receive acreditation.
  • Courses difficulty level can be adopted based on the participants experience and knowledge.