eMission Monitoring

DYNAMARINe has designed a web platform (eMission Monitoring) for reception of energy related data from vessels. Data can be submitted in various formats in order to be adopted in the current messaging system of each vessel. All these data will be automatically sorted and stored in a cloud database for instant analysis. Various indexes are calculated in order to verify ship performance and distinguish possible inefficient procedures. Comprehensive charts will give an in-depth view of vessel functionalities and offer the user numerous possibilities for thorough and systematic analysis.This online information system will offer the user an instant access to the vessel status (consumption, carbon footprint, etc.) at a minimum cost. The service is constantly developing according to the market and regulation needs and all the updates are instantly available to all users. This online platform will be secured and will be treated with confidentiality for all enrolled clients.

Challanges we have faced

eMission Monitoring is a very complicated and advanced system, which involves a great number of big data analysis and automations. It took several years to take a very comprehensive interface and utilities, which provide great support to shipping operators. Some main key features include:

  • Data automated errors and inconsistency testing.
  • Advanced monitoring tools and performance KPIs.
  • Very user friendly interface and great analysis tools customized to the needs of each customer.
  • An automated and customized reporting section.

The process

All the customers utilizing the eMission Monitoring system follow specific procedures and processes. Guidelines and help manuals are provided to all the clients and crew is also assisted during a training and familiarization period with our experienced staff.

  • Customers receive specific reporting forms, which are provided to their masters and crews.
  • High safety standards are followed to all the web interfaces developed.
  • Data are securely stored in the cloud and customers can access them from any device instantly.
  • The system is continuously updated and enhanced with new features, such as the optimal routing.