STS Drills

STS Drills

The human element is a critical parameter for the safe and effective implementation of an STS operation. During the planning phase, senior officers should have the knowledge and capacity to assess the incurred risk, on the basis of the industry requirements. In this respect, DYNAMARINe have introduced the STS Drills.


These are table top exercises which are designed to enhance the preparedness of the crew and increase their awareness on crucial matters related to the STS operation. These exercises cover and not limited to the following:

  • Assessment of Joint Plan;
  • Assessment of STS Equipment;
  • Fender positioning;
  • Adjustment of brakes;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Incident Investigation.

The scope

The human element is directly associated with the level of the preparedness and the perception of hazards from senior officers involved in the planning, decision making and successful execution of an STS operation. Furthermore, the level of preparedness while reporting an incident is also important for the ship owner and such exercises provide an added value to the seafarer. The STS exercises-drills, offer to the shipowners and their managers the opportunity to measure the level of preparedness of their crew and build up confidence of their crew performance. Furthermore, such exercises may be registered at ships’ Safety Management System and recorded at TMSA. Some of the required data are the following:

  • The approved STS plan;
  • Q88 or VPQ;
  • Mooring arrangement;
  • General arrangement;
  • IMO crew list.