Fundamentals on STS Clearance 150 € *

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If someone wishes to have total control over the Safety Aspects of Ship-to-Ship operations, his/her actions should start from the Clearance Phase.

The topics of the webinar presented are the following ones:

Session 1

  • What is the STS clearance?
  • Why Clearance is a requirement?
  • Industry references for STS Screening
  • Purpose of Clearance

Session 2

  • Screening Elements
  • Possible STS Hazards
  • Screening Documents
  • Phases of screening

Session 3

  • What are the Screening Policies?
  • What are the Screening Criteria?
  • Departments involved in the Screening Process
  • Training of Personnel for the STS Screening Process

Session 4

  • C/P Disputes
  • Responsibilities and Liabilities from the Screening Process
  • Discussion on Court Awards
  • Case Study - Sample Screening of a vessel
  • References

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