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The Incident Investigation in STS incidents should be corelated with the obligations of shore and crew personnel, in line with SMS and best industry practices. The incident investigation is a reverse engineering practice which identifies gaps/ failures/ lapses in the processes and propose preventing measures towards avoiding reassurance. In this webinar, a practical approach on STS incident investigation will be presented to emphasize on major identified errors in practices that usually lead to incidents. Inadequate Incident Management is a possible causal factor in OCIMF STS guidelines and as such, findings from past incidents should be systematically communicated within the organization. Case studies will be utilized to describe findings from incident investigations and opportunities for improvement!

Topics include the following:

  • The Scope of the Incident investigation
  • Incident investigation and Risk Assessment
  • Statistics on STS Incidents
  • Common Root Cause and More
  • Narrative on STS Incidents and Root Cause
  • Take away Best Practices
  • Managers’ Liabilities
  • Conclusion and Q&A

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