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This course outlines how STS compatibility takes place and how this is reflected in the form of a report. The compatibility assesses geometric characteristics, cargo operation, Mooring line assessment, parallel body assessment, fender selection assessment, Cargo hose assessment, and other issues. This course includes case studies.

Topics included the following:

Session 1

  • Compatibility in line with OCIMF STS guidelines
  • STS Compatibility Matrix

Session 2

  • Compatibility assessment on the basis of Q88
  • Geometry of Ships
  • Cargo Hose length
  • Cargo & Manifold Assessment
  • Compatibility of Mooring lines

Session 3

  • The elasticity of Mooring lines
  • Mooring lines and rolling
  • Large Roll angles
  • Weather thresholds and limitation Policy

Session 4

  • STS Mooring Plan
  • Case Studies
  • 3D-Mooring Plan and Mooring sensitivity Assessment
  • Cargo Compatibility

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