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This webinar presents the main features of the fenders and hoses utilized during STS operations. The standards of the pneumatic fenders and hoses, in line with the industry guidelines and ISO requirements, will also been discussed. We will also present findings from fender and hose certification as applicable and as presented by various STS Service Providers. Fender Manufacturer specifications, OCIMF recommendation, IMO Manual on Oil Pollution requirements will be discussed in conjunction with the due diligence practices, required by Ship Owners.

Topics include the following:

  • Description of STS equipment
  • ISO, OCIMF, IMO, ISGOTT requirements/ guidelines on STS equipment
  • Testing and Certification principles
  • Major failure modes
  • Reviewing of the certification by the Master as part of a due diligence practice and response patterns
  • Visual inspection criteria/requirements and proposed actions

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