Due Diligence and STS Assurance 150 € *

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In this webinar, DYNAMARINe presents the structure of the "Due Diligence" process in STS:

  • In line with the Regulations
  • Relevant to needed resources
  • Regarding the Impact on Safety and Reputation

The structure of the webinar is the following one:

Session 1

  • Basic rules in Ship to Ship
  • The source of Due Diligence
  • STS Industry Recap

Session 2

  • Due diligence and responsibilities
  • Stakeholders Impact on responsibilities
  • Owners' obligations & compliance

Session 3

  • Contractual issues & due diligence actions
  • Vessel compliance with OCIMF guidelines
  • MARPOL and STS due diligence

Session 4

  • STS elements
  • Case studies

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