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This webinar will address the actions supporting preparedness for fendering and mooring in STS Transfer Operations. Mooring is by far the process with the highest percentage in failures, the majority of which, is breakdown to mooring lines. The casual factors leading to such failures and the mitigating actions needed, will be discussed during the webinar.

The incorrect fendering on the other hand, is a process which may lead to steel to steel contact between ships due to improper planning and wrong position of the primary or secondary fenders. This webinar will communicate the actions needed towards ensuring that the type and position of primary or secondary fenders are according to industry guidelines.

  • What are the OCIMF recommendations for mooring?
  • What is the risk when fenders are rigged on the constant heading ship instead of the maneuvering?
  • Are secondary fenders considered mandatory and what is the most suitable size?
  • What are the basic points when assessing the mooring plan of vessels?
  • How can ship managers establish weather threshold criteria for the agreed mooring pattern?
  • What are the proposed risk mitigating measures when considering a mooring plan?
  • What is the industry best practice when assessing a mooring plan?

These and even more puzzled questions will be answered in this new webinar. Furthermore, interesting case studies will be presented too!

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